Day 4 of 12 Days of Build

Carbon Curing in the Heat Press

Now that we have removed most of the air from the laminate we can move on to curing the part. The envelope bag is removed and the tool is slid into a heat press. The press applies 20 tons of closing force on the tool and air lines are hooked up to the internal bladders. The press platens are heated to 130 degrees Celsius heating the tool. A thermocouple placed in the tool monitors the temperature of the part. The resin properties are rapidly changing as it heats up, and before the resin cures its viscosity drops dramatically. During this window of low viscosity we bump air pressure to try and push the plies to fill the outermost parts of the tool cavity. Once the part reaches cure temperature it is left at a high air pressure for 1 hour fully curing the resin leaving you with a structurally sound part.