Cali Tour 2019

Cali Tour 2019

We are packing up the van and headed west in search of good roads, good people and good times.  Let's meet up to ride, drink coffee, ride some more, talk bikes, and drink a beer or two.  We'll have a beautiful stable of ALLIED machines on hand for you to ride - first come first served.  We take bribes. Just kidding. We don't. Make plans to hang with us.  FULL SCHEDULE IS BELOW...

We Ride For Joy

How is it that we connect? Over a coffee, a ride, a shared interest, and most importantly, over our shared humanity. In a noisy, cluttered world, what gives us the clarity of mind to do so?

Bike Design.  From The Saddle.

Bike Design. From The Saddle.

Designing bikes has always been a selfish pursuit for me.  It’s my favorite thing to do. Well, my second favorite after riding bikes.  There is no better way to expose a bike’s design weaknesses than testing its limits out on the road or trail.  And there is also no better way to dream up solutions than the quiet meditation one can only get out there, somewhere on a bike.