The Alfa Disc

When pure road speed is what matters most.

  • Responsive when your watts are big. Smooth when the roads are poor.

    Whether it’s a peaceful, early morning spin or the fury of an hourlong criterium -- the purest form of the sport is road cycling. The ALFA DISC is engineered to translate every bit of your power into speed, but you won’t feel brutalized after a four-hour endurance ride. The best road racing bikes are the ones with balance, and the Alfa Disc is our thoroughbred.

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No, since everyone's proportions are different, we prefer to have a human involved. Please email our fitting team at and we will custom fit you via your measurements and current bike geometry.

Timeless design

The top tube is nearly level, giving the ALFA DISC a classic look. And after more than a decade of changing bottom bracket standards, we happily use a threaded 68mm shell. No more creaking, easy to service and just as light as any other bottom bracket standard. Your mechanic will thank you.


Fit is everything. The ALFA DISC is available in an industry-leading 12 sizes. This includes our plus-sized frames. The “+” designates a 2cm taller headtube that slightly raises your bars to allow for a more relaxed position.

Tire width

When it comes to high performance wheels, wider is indisputably better. The ALFA DISC accepts all modern rim widths so you can maximize your aerodynamic advantage. And when you’re looking for a smoother ride -- you can fit tire sizes up to 700x30c.

Cable Management

The ALFA DISC treats cable management as an essential detail of industrial design. We’ve designed the routing to be easily compatible with every drivetrain option out there. The cables look all-but-hidden, and installation and maintenance is a breeze.