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Let us do the hard work for you. We’ll utilize our equipment to thoroughly clean and pre-treat your chain with GRAX using the same guidelines we’ve established in the lab to maximize performance. Each chain is degreased with our sonic cleaner to strip the packing grease and machine debris found in all new stock chains. The packing grease used on new chains is designed to keep chains from rusting while in shipping and collecting dust on the shelf. After cleaning your chain, we will coat it with GRAX. From the factory, your chain will be ready to ride, but we recommend adding an additional coat of GRAX after installed on your bike to ensure the cogs, pulleys, and chainrings are coated before use. This is the ultimate watt shaving solution, and provides a chain that's ready to shred the slop for miles – then you just clean it again with GRAX OFF and re-apply GRAX.

What's included:

  • 1 4oz bottle of GRAX High-Performance Chain Lube 
  • 1 16oz bottle of GRAX OFF Drive Train Cleaner
  • 1 ALLIED factory cleaned chain, pre-treated with GRAX

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Steve Blick
I'm a believer!

After decades of rotating thru various chain lubrication solutions, I have discovered the next level, finally.

Initially, when I first learned of chain wax, it sounded complex, which required removing the chain, which I am not a fan of, for simply lubing a chain. So, I carried on with my usual pre/post-ride lube rituals.

Fast forward to the fall of 2021, I decided it was time to give GRAX a try, and I love it! It was super easy to install and WITHOUT removing the chain. I am proud to report not only is my chain clean, but I was also able to get through 9 rides (22 hrs) before my second application. So if you don't believe me, try for yourself or keep guessing how good it can be.

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