Customer Reviews & Testimonials

“Got fitted on the bike & went for a short ride … “Wow!” is about all I can say…Looking forward to logging in some serious miles on it.”
Steve Hoppes 

“Allied crew, Just opened the box and put the bike together…..super bad ass! Absolutely stunning bike! Gonna head out tomorrow, I’m sure it won’t disappoint.” The next day – “Ride was fast, stiff and smooth, shifts like a dream, didn’t do any serious climbing yet. I love it. Keep up the good work.”
Nick Schott

“Took the bike on Vacation to Spain in first week of ownership. Loved the ride quality and felt very comfortable climbing and descending the Pyrenees”
Matthew Winkler

“It’s a fast weapon for sure! I raced it the first time this Wednesday on a hilly circuit race and it’s so damn fast and light! I was pretty surprised at how it felt! I’m very excited about it and can’t wait to race more on it.”
Lisa Eriksson

“Got mine last Friday and sat did 70 miles on it. How does it feel? This bike is stiff but comfortable. excellent on the climbs and responsive on the downhills and turns. So far I’m glad I didn’t get a canyon ultimate”
Ray Acosta