Director of Marketing and Technology


Dustin Williams comes to HIA Velo with a vast ability to translate ideas into realities. A computer science major who fell in love with user interface design, Dustin has channeled his unique skills to provide craft businesses the opportunity to maintain a local feel on a grander scale.

Don’t let his tattoos and ripping trail skills fool you — Dustin was home grown in Arkansas. He left to join interactive design agencies such as TEAGUE and Microsoft in Seattle, where he focused mostly on conceptual product development, user experience and user interface design. While Dustin’s experience with e-commerce grew, it also exposed how these larger companies were building businesses on products outsourced away from the US.

After years of being away from Arkansas, Dustin decided to return home and work on developing what he calls “start-up culture”. He landed with Acumen Brands, where he became an instrumental figure in growing Country Outfitter from a small-scale business to one of national prominence. In a matter of months, Country Outfitter’s Facebook fan base grew by 7 million. His work in design, user experience, social media and online marketing catapulted a local brand to a nine-figure annual run rate and enabled the company to raise a $93 million round of venture capital.

With the foundation of HIA Velo literally in his backyard, Dustin made connections with co-owner and founder Tony Karklins through mutual friends, and the rest is history. Dustin is excited to join the HIA Velo team in its early stages as their Director of Marketing and Technology, not to mention he’s coupling up his two favorite passions: bikes and user interface design. He expects to build a strong consumer experience and online store for HIA Velo.