It’s pretty clear Sam Pickman is obsessed with bikes. He was the kid you’d see racing his bike through the neighborhood every day; the kid at the local bike shop who’d wrench to trade for bike parts; the kid who grew up to earn a degree in mechanical engineering so he could keep working with bicycles as an adult.

After graduating from the University of Rhode Island in 2004, Sam was hired by Specialized. Moving quickly through the ranks from technician to manager, he learned product development, 3D models, shapes, fits, and clearances—everything that readies a bike for manufacturability.

But over the years of rapid growth and company expansion, Sam experienced the segmentation of jobs, along with outsourcing of projects. Personal touch was eventually diminished and the process became more like an assembly line than an exercise in craftsmanship.

When offered an opportunity to work with a plucky start up like Allied, Sam felt the project was right in line with his personal goal to return to hands-on bike engineering. Involvement from start to finish aligned with Sam’s belief that designing bikes is an evolution best studied in-house, by one team.

Sam’s target for engineering a bike MADE HERE: “Ultimately a bike that’s FUN to ride, totally rips, corners well, sprints well—has overall performance. The bike you immediately feel comfortable on but still feels like a race bike. It needs to be stiff, it needs to track; but when you get up close, it has the look and feel of something higher quality than ever before—a bike that stands the test of time.” Sam is intimately involved in not only designing bikes that stand the test of time, but also ensuring that we are building a great bicycle company that will continue to value beautiful design and the finest craftsmanship.