ALLIED X SockGuy SGX Wool Socks

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We aren't picky -- we don't distinguish between the socks we wear on the bike and the ones we wear to work. SockGuy is tops when it comes to both function and fashion, which is why we chose them to produce custom ALLIED socks.

We offer two versions of our custom socks -- this one is wool. But it's no ordinary wool! SockGuy mates their super-popular SGX compression fit with their TurboWool performance Wool blend for top-notch comfort and feel. Since they're made with TurboWool, Nylon, and Spandex, they have an ideal weight that makes them warm in cool temps, but totally wearable on moderate days as well.

It's worth noting that TurboWool deluxe wool blend is 5x stronger than Merino wool alone. Other nice details here include a mesh upper for maximum airflow ventilation, a snug arch support that hugs your foot for maximum comfort and virtually zero-slip, and a seamless toe.

Sizing is pretty straightforward: Choose S/M if your shoe size is Men's 9 or smaller (42 or smaller Euro) or Women's 10 or smaller. Choose L/XL if you're 9+ in Men's, 10+ in Women's, and 42.5+ in Euro.