Arundel Medio Seat Bag

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Arundel is best known for producing the world's very best bottle cages. But they also produce a stellar range of saddle bags optimized for gravel riding.

The Arundel Medio seat bag is their Medium-sized option. It's made from nylon fabric impregnated with thermoplastic polyurethane. Think frogman raft. The straps are also nylon and wider than usual, like seat belts in planes and cars. A wider strap means more Velcro area for better security when you're banging around on the worst of the worst gravel roads. 

• 33 cubic in, 5 x 3¾ x 2 in
• Sonic welded seams
• Wide 1 ½ in nylon strap with extra velcro
• Fits an MTB tube or two 700c gravel tubes,
plus gas, filler, etc.