The BC40

No Trail Unturned


    Endless singletrack in our backyard to ride every day of every month, come rain or shine. Defining direction, informing efficiency, dialing fit and feel, refining responsiveness, testing, and finishing to completion. Meet the new, incomparable BC40.

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Quite simply, we love mountain biking.  It’s in our DNA, and we are lucky enough to live/work in the mountain bike mecca of NWA.  Just like the ECHO and ABLE, we built a bike that we wanted to ride, inspired by our local terrain and the demands our athletes require to perform at the highest level.

Lightweight Frame

When traversing countless steep pitches, weight matters. The target 1950g frame weight is achieved by careful placement of the most advanced composite materials available and countless hours iterating and testing to ensure ride performance, durability and strength are all in perfect balance.

Two Bottle Mounts

Hydration is critical on any long ride or race. The BC40 design allows for a full size bottle on the downtube and small bottle on the seat tube.

Aggressive Geometry

The needs and capabilities of a modern cross country bike have completely evolved. BC40 pushes the envelope of race worthy bikes with a 66.5 degree headtube angle and 76 degree seat tube angle to allow you to optimize your weight well behind the front wheel for descending and further forward when climbing in the saddle.

Made Here

Like all ALLIED bikes, the BC40 is carefully crafted one frame at a time in our headquarters in Bentonville, AR to ensure each bike is built to the highest standard of quality possible.

120mm Travel

BC40 bolsters a full 120mm of travel front and rear with kinematics carefully positioned for pedaling efficiency and easy tunability.