The Allied Mission is to make the finest bicycles on Earth. We build them in the United States: from design to engineering to manufacturing.


Here at Allied we own and have total control over our production and use only the finest carbon composite raw materials. We test and continuously improve our bikes to deliver the foremost in lightness, stiffness and durability, while offering a richness of paint rarely seen on the bike shop floor. Because our bikes are MADE HERE, we can obsess on quality -- and act on that obsession - every day.

Allied Cycle Works was born because we asked ourselves if we could bring state-of-the-art bicycle manufacturing back to the United States and be successful. What does that word mean -- success? We’ve been convinced since Day 1 that we could make superior bikes with superior quality if we controlled all of the pieces -- from brand, to design, to raw materials selection, to manufacturing, paint and assembly. Delivering on this promise – that’s what we mean by success -- and that’s our goal with MADE HERE.

The Dirty Kanza is known to chew up and spit out even the most rugged bikes

components, and tires. 2019 winner Colin Strickland told us, 'This new Allied Able was the perfect bike for this was flawless.'

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If I could own only one road bike, it would be the Allroad

it's a Swiss Army knife of a pavement machine.

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The Alfa Disc is stiff and snappy when called upon

yet remains compliant and extremely smooth. Its moves are race-bike adjacent, but its comfort has more in common with the best endurance bikes.

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Does the Alfa Allroad make me want to add another bike to the stable?

Indeed it does, but unlike most other times I’ve felt this way, what the Alfa Allroad makes me think about more is how many other bikes I could get rid of — and in this case, that’s a very good thing.

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