Company - Allied Cycleworks

Made Here

Allied Cycle Works was born from the belief that state-of-the-art carbon manufacturing belongs in the United States.

Our Mission: To make the best bicycles and components in the world, right here in America

Do you know where your bike was made? Is it meaningful to you? We seem to be living in a time when riders are concerned less and less about this. They hardly bother with the question because American manufacturing is in such a well-documented decline. It’s just the way it is. But does it really have to be this way?

We started Allied because of our conviction that we could make superior bikes with superior quality if we controlled all of the pieces -- from brand, to design, to raw materials selection, to manufacturing, paint and assembly. Delivering on this promise – that’s what we mean by success.

Chances are that your bike is one of the most expensive things you own. Not only that, but if you’re like us, it is the thing that you’re most emotionally connected to because it is the tool that facilitates something you love: riding. Assuming you care as much about bikes as we do, don’t you think you should expect transparency into how it was made, into who made it? Were they given a fair wage? Were they given health care? Was their work environment safe? Did they have to comply with environmental standards? Were they treated fairly?

We can’t speak for other bicycle companies, and we’re certainly not claiming that they turn a blind eye to their manufacturing. But it shouldn’t come as a surprise that in most of the countries where cycling goods are made, these things are not a given. As a consumer you should be able to ask and find out the answers to these questions. And you should hold the companies you support accountable by asking them.

When we decided to start Allied, there was no question where we would make our bikes. Yes, we believe by doing this that we can provide superior product, superior quality, superior service, and unparalleled transparency, but we also believe we can do some good. We can have a positive effect on our communities, our neighbors, and bring back just a little of what once made America the gold standard of innovation and quality. We challenge you to ask the hard questions when you’re buying something, and seek out the companies that are trying to do it here. For all that it represents, and for all of the tangible value it provides.