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Gravel and marathon mountain bike races are often won and lost by the speed of  puncture repairs, just ask Colin Strickland.  When sealant is not enough to self seal a hole or tear, it's time to grab your tire plugs.  Unfortunately, the original 'bacon strip' style tire plugs are slow to apply and tedious to deal with.  Stan's No Tubes has simplified tubeless puncture repair with their DART Tool.  The tool delivers a small feathered barb into any hole or tear for a quick and precise plug.  Additionally, the feathers of the DART chemically react with the latex contained in your tire sealant to complete the seal and bond with the tire.  The barb sits inside the tire and the feathers adhere flexibly to the tire casing, so no need to trim.  The tool is equipped 2 DARTS on the dual sided applicator.  The DART Refill Kit is old separately.   

It's light, easy to use and has saved our butts on countless rides.  We've had success using two DART's to seal larger sidewall tears, and it seems to work equally well with Stan's or Orange Seal tire sealant.  Everyone riding tubeless should own one.