The Allroad

Criterium-fast, gravel-dialed. Ideal for every surface.

  • Fast enough for criteriums, yet fully dialed for gravel. Ideal for every surface.

    Spin to the trailhead, rip around in some dirt, then pop back out on the road and sprint home. The ALLROAD has the balanced ride you expect from a dedicated road bike. But put on 35c tires and you can let the wildness commence. You’ll get versatility in spades, and a bike that feels super-charged on pebbly gravel and dirt backroads.

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Tire Clearance

The beauty of the ALLROAD is that it’s a full-fledged road racing machine. Want to go warp speed on 23’s or 25’s? Perfect! But when you’re ready to attack gravel and dirt hardpack, you can fit tires as large as 35c.

Tight Wheelbase

The ALLROAD has 420mm chainstays and a wheelbase tighter than most other gravel bikes -- giving it enviable road-handling manners. One reviewer praised it as “quick and darty, and eager to change its path when asked to do so” -- traits equally valued on both road and gravel.

Timeless Design

The top tube is nearly level, giving the ALLROAD a classic look. And after more than a decade of changing bottom bracket standards, we happily use a threaded 68mm shell. No more creaking, easy to service and just as light as any other bottom bracket standard. Your mechanic will thank you.


Fit is everything. The ALLROAD is available in an industry-leading 12 sizes. This includes our plus-sized frames. The “+” designates a 2cm taller headtube that slightly raises your bars to allow for a more relaxed position.