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ALLIED Replacement Derailleur Hanger

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Crashes happen. And even more often, bikes sometimes just fall over. Knocking your rear derailleur hanger out of alignment is a common side effect of snafus like these. Sometimes you can bend it back, sometimes you can't. The alignment of your rear derailleur is critical in ensuring precise shifting, so when realignment isn't an option, it's time to replace the hanger.

This replacement derailleur hanger is identical to what we use on new ALLIED frames. Select the version that matches your frame model, and whether you use a standard mount or direct mount.

Customer Reviews

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Carl Hekkert
Quick and easy

Purchased a replacement derailleur hanger. Website was clear and part arrived in one week.

Xavier Estala
Buy 2

Buy 2 at the same time. One to replace the broken one and one as a spare. You'll thank me later.

Darren Piotrow
Cheap, brittle, poorly manufactured

This hanger is pretty awful. I'm currently on my fourth one of these since 2020, and that's WITHOUT A SINGLE CRASH. These hangers just come out of alignment through daily riding...! I've had professional mechanics align them, and have had two snap in the process of being aligned because the material is so brittle that it can only bend a tiny bit before snapping. Therefore, I've never had a 100% perfectly aligned hanger since I've had my Allied. I love the bike, it's great, but the hanger is a massive letdown. Not to mention that until a few months ago this hanger was $50!! Which is ridiculous for any hanger, let alone one that is this low quality. At least the price was finally dropped to something a little more reasonable but based on the performance they ought to just give these away for pennies. I contacted the company a few months ago and they claimed they'd never heard of such an issue, so I bought another one, had it aligned by a respected professional mechanic, and it has already started to come out of alignment. If I could find someone to 3D print me a hanger, I would to avoid having to deal with these Allied hangers.