ALLIED ECHO Lightweight Bolt Kit

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For those of us that obsess over the details, we are now offering a premium lightweight bolt kit for the ECHO stem and frame.  The bolt kit is comprised of 7 6AL-4V (Grade 5) Titanium bolts with machined with rolled threads for the ECHO Stem and Frame Seat Wedge, and 7 High Tensile Dome Head Aluminum bolts for the frame water bottle mounts.

These bolts are not only strong and lightweight but also offers great corrosion resistance. The beautiful, long lasting black finish results from an application of Diamond Like Coating (DLC) this gives supreme hardness and corrosion resistance provided by a nano composite coating. This coating increases the fastener lifetime and helps to prevent galling.

Please note, this kit is only designed to be used with the K-EDGE ECHO Computer Mount.  If you are not using our computer mount you will need to utilize shorter face plate bolts which we can provide upon request.  

 The ECHO Lightweight Bolt Kit weighs 44g, which saves 44g over our stand stainless bolt kit that comes stock on the ECHO.  Full contents of the kit and sizes are listed below. 

  • 2 Titanium Countersunk Bolts M5x(0.80mm)x15mm for ECHO Stem Cap
  • 3 Titanium Parallel Socket Cap M5x(0.80mm)x25mm for ECHO Stem face plate and frame seat wedge
  • 2 Titanium Parallel Socket Cap M5x(0.80mm)x16mm for ECHO Stem steerer 
  • 7 Aluminum Dome Head Bolt M5x(0.80mm)x16mm (9mm O/D) Cone for the frame water bottle bolts




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Good kit, but not 44g saved!

If you're considering this, you're probably like me and irrationally weight obsessed. You may even have a spreadsheet of fantasy component purchases with a column for $/gram savings. If so, you'd see that this is a relative bargain at $2/gram! However, the actual savings are much less than the currently stated 44 g. I weighed each of these bolts and the standard bolts they're replacing at got a total savings of 25.85 grams. This may be even be somewhat inflated because the bolts removed had some grease on them compared to the new dry bolts I weighed. While there's certainly variance from bolt to bolt, this is an 18 g or 40% difference, or $3.40/g saved. You can judge whether that's worth it. Other than the weight discrepancy, these bolts are nice and the black color looks much nicer than the stock alloy bolts.