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Long days riding gravel can make it nearly impossible to keep things clean, well-lubricated, and running fast. To counter this we partnered with a spin-off from the University of Arkansas Nanotechnology Department to create a high performance chain lube and cleaner, called GRAX. The results are in. Dirt or pavement, rain or mud, slop or muck, GRAX keep riders rolling faster, longer.

GRAX is short for gravel wax. It is a wax-based lube engineered to shed water, dirt, and mud, and keep chain rollers well lubricated and running smooth through endless miles of abuse. We tested GRAX’s efficiency vs. several competitors in standard dry conditions, as well as the nasty stuff. After countless hours in labs and four full seasons of riding gravel roads and trails around northwest Arkansas we found GRAX to be the most efficient, and most durable, lubricant on the market.

We tested two primary performance properties in GRAX, 1) it's ability to repel moisture, and 2) wattage expenditure in both dry and muddy conditions. GRAX was tested against multiple experimental hydrophobic lubricants as well as the most expensive and high performing products on the market. GRAX excels in all categories. It ensures you not only have the most efficient lube available, it also sheds water and dirt better than any product. It shaves watts, keeps your drivetrain running smoothly and quietly for more miles in the most extreme conditions, and improves the longevity of your drive train components.

GRAX is available in a 4oz bottle (up to 20 applications)  

Customer Reviews

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Adrian Cabrera
Grax lube

I ride gravel down south around the Everglades and Grax it’s the perfect lube for this area . Sometimes it’s dry and dusty but sometimes it’s really wet and Grax keeps everything out of your drivetrain.

sasha madfes
I think I’ve tried every lube available…

I think I may have tried every lube out there for my road bike — and feel like I finally found one that I may use forever! I am out every weekend in SF starting before the sun rises until after it sets - which means my 120 mile rides include the damp early mornings and the dry hot afternoons — and this lube kept me pedaling smooth throughout, as well as allowed for me to do the same two days in a row!

Rajat Soni
Seems OK

No complaints but not sure if it’s really any better than what you can get elsewhere

Derek van Westrum
Smooth rolling through the SBT GRVL Black Course

I had smooth, silent, sailing all the way through the 144 mile SBT GRVL black ride. This stuff is liquid gold. I’m telling everyone who will listen (and then some) to roll with it. Thanks for the great product!

Alan Floyd
Great Grax Batman!!

I don’t know the scientific magic used but this is the lube for gravel. Buy it, use it and enjoy it!