Your Bike Is Your Canvas
29 January, 2024

Your Bike Is Your Canvas

By: Allied Cycle Works

100% custom paint. 100% Made Here.

Every bike tells a story.

It’s written in watts, intervals, and rock gardens. It’s feeling the lights go out halfway through an hour-long climb, and it’s the elation of a second wind when you choke down a gel, settle into a tempo, and find your legs again. It’s the early morning departures and the late returns. It’s all the reflective gear and headlights and rain jackets you’ve got stuffed in your pockets or strapped to your bar, and it’s the rides where you didn’t take them but wish you had. It’s the hum of tires on tarmac, the solitude of forested singletrack, and the tactile feedback of limestone groads.

And that’s just while riding. With ALLIED’s custom paint option, your bike can also tell a story while it’s stationary.


From the carbon lay-up to hanging the components, every ALLIED is 100% Made Here at the ALLIED Technology Center in Bentonville, AR. That includes the paint. Your frameset can tell a story every bit as unique as the story of your life in the saddle – even while it’s leaned against the patio railing at a coffee shop.

The custom paint options listed on our site already go far beyond any mass-produced brand’s, but we can also bring your two-wheeled dream to life with a one-off paint scheme that’s literally one-of-a-kind. An ALLIED’s a lifetime investment, after all, and our total custom paint option is a way to make your forever bike uniquely yours.

To get the gears turning and help inspire your own custom ALLIED, we’ve pulled together a gallery of some of the special schemes we’ve cooked up for customers, athletes, and orgs over the years. Some of these are available for purchase already, but we’re including them here to remind you that the techniques used – gradient fades, spatter constellations, multi-colored logos, and the chromatic iridescence of our Harlequin special – can all be tweaked and tuned to tease out your own design.

Our customer support team has years of experience helping cyclists realize their dream bike aesthetic – hit them up on chat if you’ve got an idea or would like more inspiration.



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Your Bike Is Your Canvas