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The ABLE is a high-performance off-road machine that tilts more towards the “mountain skinny” side of the gravel segment. It prefers a big tire but keeps a short rear end - in fact, it’s the same as the ALLROAD at 420mm. This is achieved by the most striking feature on the bike - the elevated drive-side chainstay.

Getting a chainstay this short with high tire volume is a packaging exercise because the chainring, chainstay, and tire all compete for space behind the bottom bracket. On mountain bikes this problem is addressed by widening the bottom bracket -- but that affects Q factor in a negative way. When we made the decision to make the ABLE 1X-specific it opened the design envelope and ultimately led to the decision to elevate the chainstay. By moving it up and out of the way we could make it extremely wide resulting in an incredibly responsive ride.

While our award-winning ALLROAD is a Swiss Army knife for a majority of mixed surface riding, when the path gets rambunctious its road-racing genes might seem lacking. We found ourselves on occasion wanting a bike that was equally engineered, but felt more at home on steeper, rockier and more rugged terrain. It was from this desire that the ABLE was born. It’s lightweight, tight, durable and agile. You can point it in any direction and go.

The ABLE begs to be ripped around on singletrack, fire roads, hardpack dirt, and chunky gravel. Proven on the brutal roads of the 2019 Dirty Kanza where ALLIED athletes Colin Strickland and Amity Rockwell piloted their ABLEs to overall victory.

This frameset will come with a headset and spacers, thru-axles and a seat collar.

Since we do all of our paint in-house, we can give you options galore in choosing a color for your new ABLE:

  1. We offer two stock colors -- Calvary Blue paint with Ecru decals, or Sport Grey paint with Mystique decals. Both are gorgeous options, making them our best-sellers. And as a bonus, by choosing a stock scheme we're typically able to ship out your frameset a bit more quickly than a non-stock option.

  2. If you have a keen sense of design and you want to invest in a truly one-of-a-kind paint scheme, we can offer you a "Ready-to-Paint" option. This is when we ship you a fully primed and sealed frameset. It's 100% prepped to be scuffed and base-coated. You can send this to the painter of your choice for a fully personalized paint scheme. We'll send digital Allied assets for your painter to apply as part of the process. 

  3. You can choose the "Customize" option above and select from an assortment of non-stock PPG paint and decal options -- including Gloss, Matte and Harlequin -- for a $500 upcharge. And if you have a color in mind you don't find there, contact our customer support team so we can discuss the possibilities. 

Key Features

700x47 (or 650x55) front and 700x43 (or 650x47) rear
2x Downtube, Seat Tube and Top Tube bag (or 4th bottle)
420mm length, elevated on the drive side
Purpose-built for 1x
Geometry optimized for gravel and other off-road riding with a headtube angle of 71 degrees and a trail of 66mm for most sizes, with a stack slightly taller than the Allroad and Alfa Disc

Frame Geometry

A. Headtube Angle 70 71 71 71 71
B. Seat Tube Angle 74 74 74 73.25 73.25
C. Head Tube Length 120 143 160 180 200
D. Effective Top Tube Length 531 544 553 576 591
E. Seat Tube Length (c-t) 470 520 540 560 580
F. Chainstay Length 420 420 420 420 420
G. Stack 533 559 575 597 615
H. Reach 376 382 387 396 405
I. Bottom Bracket Drop 70 70 70 70 70
J. Wheelbase 1009 1019 1029 1040 1055
K. Standover Height (w/700x43) 750 780 800 820 840
L. Fork Rake 51 51 51 51 51
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Elevated chainstay

Building a chainstay this short with high tire volume is a packaging exercise because the chainring, chainstay, and tire all compete for space behind the bottom bracket. By moving the ABLE chainstay up and out of the way we could make it super-wide resulting in an incredibly responsive ride.

1x Crankset

A 1x drivetrain is quickly becoming the industry standard for gravel: You’ll always find the right gear at the right time. The ABLE is 1x-specific, which allows us to elevate the chainstay for tire clearance without resorting to a super-wide mountain bike-like Q-factor.

Tire clearance

The ABLE is designed around a 700x42c: This is the tire size we recommend for optimum BB height and steering (remember: tire size affects steering geometry.) But if you ride in really chunky rocky terrain the ABLE can adapt with 650c wheels and tires as big as 47mm in the rear and 55mm in the front.


Four sets of bottle mounts -- one on each side of the downtube, one set on the seat tube, and a top tube mount ideally suited for a bolt-on bag.