Lea Davison - From Darkness To The Light and Scenes from Quebec Singletrack
26 August, 2022

Lea Davison - From Darkness To The Light and Scenes from Quebec Singletrack

By: Jose Maldonado

Lea is an extraordinary human. Yes, of course we are in awe of her athletic accomplishments, 8X US National Champion, 2X Olympian, Silver medal at the 2016 World Championships, Bronze medal at the 2014 World Championships, and 3rd overall in the 2015 World Cup series. The list goes on and on but there is so much more to Lea Davison than bike racing results. Her passion and light shines bright. She is a beacon for so many who have also gone from darkness to the light.

Sometime in early August, Lea Davison decided to focus on mountain bike racing for the rest of the season. This meant she would not be participating in the final 3 stops of the @lifetimegrandprix. Mountain Biking is where her heart is and we are grateful to fully support her in pursuing the type of bike racing she loves.

Lea got back on the mountain bike for a 6 day MTB stage race, Quebec Singletrack where she had the opportunity to explore all of the trail networks near Quebec City. On stage 1, Lea and her wife, Frazier Blair, had the opportunity to ride together. A rare occasion when when they both can race.

7th place overall (men and women) on stage 1. 1st place overall women. 1st QOM climb competition.

  Lea talks about how growing up she didn't have any role models in life and in mountain biking. It made it difficult for her to grapple with who she was. Lea wants to give this new generation the gift of freedom without fear. She is motivated to blaze a path for those who will come behind her.

Lea wants to send a message. "Yes, you can be a 2X Olympian. Yes, you can be on teams and have sponsor support in the bike industry and yes, you can be gay."

We at Allied Cycleworks cannot be more proud of Lea Davison!

Catch Lea if you can:

  • @uci_mountainbike marathon World Championships: 9/17

  • @vermont50: 9/24

  • @usacycling MTB Marathon National Championships: 10/23


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