Industry Nine 1/1 Trail S Carbon Wheelset - MicroSpline

The 1/1 Trail S Carbon wheelset pairs modern carbon technology with the lively and value oriented 1/1 mountain chassis to offer the rider a feature packed wheelset punching well above its weight class. This all-mountain machine is laced to a hookless 28mm lightweight carbon rim and universally proven Sapim J bend steel spokes orbiting the ultra fast 1/1 hub. Keep your dream build within budget on the 1/1 Trail S Carbon Wheels. 6 Bolt. 
Size Set Weight Front Weight Rear Weight Rim Weight Inner Rim Width Outer Rim Width
29" 1665g 765g 900g 410g 28.0mm 34mm
Tire Width Tire Type Rider Weight
2.2-2.5" Tubeless or Tube-Type Clincher 250lbs/113kg max